Additional Support for Learning Available to Pupils

What additional support for learning is available to pupils with special educational needs?

How is the decision made about the type and how much support my child will receive? 

Drakes C of E Primary School is required to meet the SEND of the children that we support. We do this by:

  • Ensuring all pupils access high quality teaching which takes account of pupil’s differing needs
  • Ensuring a bespoke, tailored and personalised approach for individuals with complex needs
  • Using our best endeavours to secure the special educational provision called for by the child’s or young person’s needs
  • Making appropriate use of the resources in our delegated budgets to support children and young people with additional needs
  • Identifying early a child or young person’s lack of adequate progress and review their needs. We recognise that some children may only need modifications to the teaching approaches, classroom organisation or provision of ancillary equipment or resources as part of the differentiated curriculum.
  • Differentiating lessons to match the pupil’s level of learning
  • Having a consistent graduated approach to meeting pupil need by reviewing class teaching, access strategies and removing barriers to learning before developing a more personalised approach
  • Using our knowledge and understanding of the four primary areas of need to plan provision and to focus on interventions that are relevant and evidence-based
  • Referring to the Devon SEND Provision Matrices document for support to tailor provision to provide an individualised support programme for more complex pupils.
  • Where and when needed, seeking further advice from advisory services and outside agencies about removing barriers to learning linked to different areas of need.


A speech programme which targets sounds that children have difficulties in producing. Children are tested within the school using this specialised computer programme and then our TAs (under the guidance of a class teacher) delivers the suggested individualised programmes. There are occasions when the tests show that a child needs to be referred to a Speech and Language Therapy for additional guidance and/or intervention.

Speech and Language
Individualised programmes submitted by a Speech Therapist assigned to this school which is delivered by a TA. These are for children who have been referred, by the school or by a medical professional, to be assessed by the Speech and Language Therapy Service. These programmes can include speech sound production, language development and social skills, depending on the child’s needs.


This is a computer based program which helps reinforce spelling skills

Precision Teaching 

This is a simple but intense teaching method aimed at helping a child to embed facts such as letter sounds, single word reading, times tables etc. The method aims to enable a child to recall the targeted facts in order to be able to apply it independently in class. Because it allows high repetition of the facts to be learnt, it is effective at accelerating progress in word reading. For example, if the following basic principles are followed:

  • specifically targeted facts to learn e.g. secure recognition of 10 high frequency words or spell 5 topic words;
  • daily 1-1 teaching session for no more than 15 minutes per session;
  • deliver the teaching in the ‘flash card’ method;
  • daily assessment recorded in scores for the child to compete against;
  • programme delivered over fixed period of time, eg 8 weeks and repeated/extended as necessary. 


Should you require any further information about SEND at Drakes please contact our school SENDCo; Robin Scott - senco.raleigh@thelink.academy